Men In Scotland (MIS) is for the moment a blog and forum to accompany the  ePetition currently on the Scottish Parliament website, on male victims of domestic abuse. We are in the process of setting up an information/advice website and services to support abused men in Scotland, but in order for these to be successful we felt there was a need first to raise awareness of the problem, for the public at large, our policy makers and statutory service providers.  The current focus by government and other public authorities on domestic abuse/violence  as ‘violence against women’ may have had the unintended consequence of  leaving men on the receiving end of domestic abuse/violence and their children unacknowledged and unsupported. It is our belief that each individual victim of domestic abuse and each child affected by it is entitled to expect the best standard of recognition and support regardless of gender.
Further information is organised under the following Tabs:
WHY? – An account of how we became aware of the problem and what we’ve done so far in our attempts  to raise awareness of it.
PETITION This is the text that appears in the Petition on the Scottish Parliament site, under Information. We repeat it here, with live links to the sources we refer to.
POSTS These are categorised as MISunderstandings, MISsing, MISsives, etc. We are in the process of adding more. Feel free to send us further examples for inclusion.
How can you help?
We are looking to form a Board of Management that will include people with skills and experience to offer. It would be useful to hear from a lawyer, an accountant and men and women with organisational experience.
We have been awarded charitable status and are actively seeking funding for various aspects of our activities including funding our website, carrying out and commissioning research, publishing reports and awareness raising materials, etc. but mainly for providing real support for men who need help. We have received funding from Awards for All, which will enable us to set up an office in Dunfermline.
The strength of the case we make and the service we provide will be rooted in the knowledge base we build. If you have personal experience of being on the receiving end of personal or institutional abuse or have been frustrated in your own work when you find yourself  expected to act in a discriminatory way, please get in touch:

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