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  1. I have recently left a relationship in which I was the victim of domestic abuse both physical and emotional which went unreported by me for many years, the abuse often happened in front of my children.
    My breaking point was with the last bout of “physical abuse” this occurred while I had my 2 year old daughter in my arms, which was the most frightening thing for both of us to endure. The police were called and promptly arrived, when questioned about what had happened I told them that I had to physically restrain her, NOT hit her, for the sake of my own safety and more importantly that of my little girl. In saying this I was cautioned & handcuffed, when I complained I was forced to the floor before the handcuffs were applied, then taken from my home and detained in a police cell for more than 8 hours, I was released at 4am and told that I was not allowed to return to my family home for at least 24hrs or I would face arrest. The police later said that I looked like a “big man” who could potentially cause them problems should the situation become heated also that I should be more than able to protect myself where as my partner would not, even though I was the one bloodied and visibly shaken by the ordeal.
    Trying to reach out get help for me and my children resulted in me being the focus and force of the law, it seems just because I am a 6’+ well built male it would not be conceivable that I could be the victim.
    I later received an apology from the officers involved in my arrest when the truth of the situation was revealed, which I have to say makes me feel no better about my treatment in this most horrific situation.
    Now I have difficulty in being with my children which i am finding more than I can cope with, the law unfortunately seems to side with the female and even though there is a report and now active case I have to “live with” whatever my ex partner says or does regardless of how openly wrong it is.
    The whole system is sick. I need to talk to someome, i need help but I cant seem to find it.

    Please help me if you can,

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